Leo horoscope for february

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Monthly Horoscope for Leo shows that career development will be easy for some of you. You are determined and optimistic that along the way you will achieve that which you have wanted to achieve since you started your career.

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Test Now! Leo people are blessed with financial skills that boost the little finances they have.


Leo Horoscope - Love for February 2,

This month the career development phase that is going on in your life will boost your finances hence you will need the assistance of friends and family to help manage the finance that is coming in. As per the February horoscopes Leo , your educational pursuits this month are blessed by the stars.

You will be at the top of your class in whatever course that you are taking. You will be happy to have achieved that which you set at the beginning of your educational journey.

Monthly Horoscope – Leo February 2018

According to the Leo February horoscope predictions , you are optimistic about your travels, and in turn, your travels will bring you joy and gains via the business ventures you indulge in. Tags february leo.

Leo Health & Wellness Horoscope

It will not be a simple process, as the presence of Lilith in this sector of the astral map House VII of Leo , indicates that it is necessary to overcome self-criticism and prejudice, inspired by relationships and people around you. If we also consider that Jupiter is kept in House V of Leo , there is a good chance that it is a stable union, with many possibilities of pleasure and fun for both members of the couple.

Mars enters Scorpio

However, it is prudent to invest time in honest communication and make clear your principles and intentions, since the beginning of the retrogradation of Pallas in House III of Leo can bring bitter consequences for those who omit or misrepresent the truth. The finances will have a positive balance for Leo natives.

  • Monthly Horoscope – Leo February 12222!
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  • The entry of Mercury and the Sun in the VIII House of the sign the 10th and 18th of February respectively , refer to business opportunities, which are received through family or couple. As in this sector of the astral map House VIII of Leo there is also Neptune , it may be a project that you had envisioned some time ago, and for one reason or another, you did not feel confident to present it to your close environment and get their support.

    But the start of February does have its drama: On February 1, Mars squares off with Pluto, bringing a big shake-up to your schedule and finding you dealing with some short tempers and big egos. Things are moving very quickly, and when Mars and Pluto, the two planets of war, clash, things get very heated—even in cool Aquarius season!

    Monthly Horoscope: Leo, February 12222

    Stay out of power struggles. Bring in a third party to help mediate; people are less likely to be conniving if someone is watching. The vibe shifts when sweet Venus connects with electric Uranus on February 2—this freeing energy is romantic, but not suffocating.


    February 3 finds Venus entering Capricorn, bringing a dash of romance to your everyday life Venus in Capricorn will also bring good vibes to your day job. Messenger planet Mercury connects with Jupiter on February 3, bringing a big boost in communication between you and your partners.