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Time Nomad provides many ways to see current transits. One may view a chart for the current moment, a list of its aspects, the planetary hour, and a mundane transit graph. And for transits to the natal chart, one can view a transit-to-natal biwheel, or a transit-to-natal hit list, or -- perhaps the best feature of all and the only app for iOS with this feature -- is the Transit Graph, a beautiful line graph of all of the currently occurring transit-to-natal events. On each of these screens you can shift the date forward with the slider by user-selected intervals e.

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The Synastry functions provided in the app are also quite useful. You can view a biwheel again controlling which, if any, inter-aspects are displayed as well as a Composite chart. It's simple to swap the inner and outer charts, and you can align the two charts by Zodiac or First House, choose which Zodiac Tropical or Sidereal for each chart independently, and view an inter-aspect list. By the time you read this, aspect orbs will be customizable, and the author plans to add planetary conjunctions to Fixed Stars and more precise calculations too.

Time Nomad is amazingly versatile and powerful for a free app, continues to be developed and enhanced, and is truly worth getting and exploring. AstroConnexions by Roger Pearson astroconnexions. AstroConnexions can also import most charts from your other programs chart files.

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Over charts from AstroDatabank come with the app. The chart file handling is excellent. You can browse the file, I. This app is very easy to use, and has a surprising number of astrological functions. Like most apps, most screens can be printed, and some emailed. You can select points to display in charts, lists, graphs, and tables, including the planets and Lunar Nodes, the Black Moon, the comet Chiron, the four major asteroids, seven Arabic Parts, the East Point and Vertex, and Solar and Lunar Eclipses.

You can choose from 19 aspects, and customize the orb for each aspect in natal charts, and specify an aspect orb for all aspects for each of these techniques: Secondary Progressions, Solar Arc Directions, Midpoints, Eclipses, and Synastry and Composite charts. The wheel page in AstroConnexions is packed with information including, in the wheel itself, optional rings showing terms and triplicities, and an aspect grid, Antiscia aspects, Fixed Star aspects to natal points, eclipses before and after the chart date, Day and Hour Lords, and Qualities and Elements.

All of these extras can be turned off, and switched between Modern and Traditional planets. And tapping on any point shows its precise longitude, Triplicity, Term, speed, Latitude and Declination. Well done! There's also a list of current Lunar aspects. Astrologers using Fixed Stars will love AstroConnexions, because you can pick which ones to use, those that are prominent or from a list of stars, and decide whether to show them in charts or only in tables.

Best of all, when viewing the list of active stars, if you click on any star it will show up in the chart wheel, and if you click on Web Link, a web page opens up from the constellationofwords site with detailed information about the star. The app also has links to other websites, including Deborah Holding's articles on Terms and Triplicities, and a very detailed knowledge base of what the astrological techniques available in the app mean, and how to use them.

Perhaps the most powerful function is the ability to go forward or backwards in time via a the step interval: of years, months, days, hours, or minutes. For example, when viewing a biwheel with the Progressed Chart around the natal chart, you can view the Secondary Progressions shift by any time interval you want or see successive Solar Returns at the push of a button. The author of AstroConnexions is committed to developing this app at a rapid pace. Coming next, for example, is a transit hit listing. AstroConnexions is an excellent astrology app for the iPad, and will happily meet the needs of many astrologers.

Cosmic-Watch Celestial Dynamics Ltd. As a realtime astro-clock, you can choose from over 5, cities and watch its perfect depiction of the sky at your current location. You can align the image with the cardinal points and use it to find objects in the sky. Besides seeing the sky for the current time and place, you can set the date and place to view. You can add many different kinds of labels and grids, including planetary names, constellations, the celestial sphere, the horizon, equatorial coordinates, a compass, aspect lines, and even clouds and interstellar gas and dust.

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The rendering of the Earth and sky is breathtaking and the image can be spun with the swipe of a finger , and the display can be animated. Equally remarkable is the Solar System view, looking down at the orbs of the Sun through Mars either geocentrically or topocentrically, which allows you to see astronomical events like retrogrades through their entire cycle. The program also offers a World Clock which depicts the time zones clearly around the World. Both the beauty and the phenomenal amount of information depicted in the Cosmic-Watch is amazing, and I highly recommend this to Android, iPhone, and iPad owners.

It has a well-designed user interface and allows you to take quizzes on a surprisingly large number of astrological factors including planetary and sign symbols, characteristics, elements, modes, decans, colors, gemstones, body parts, gender, seasons, metals, aspects house types, and whole chart patterns. While really best for beginning astrologers, Astrology Quiz Pro is simple to use and fun. The future of astrology looks very bright indeed.

I had indicated in my past Trump astrology updates that the eclipses in July are not good for Donald Trump. The Epstein case can become a problem for Donald Trump as this case is unfolding during eclipses this month. The Robert Mueller public testimony is right after the Lunar Eclipse next week.

Some thoughts on Earthquakes, War, and Recession. This will be the time when we are prone to Earthquakes, or some threat of war and recession etc. All my astrology predictions so far have been on target, except the recession astrology prediction, which is slightly off. The job numbers for the month of June have been excellent, and the economy is doing fine so far.

But we are very close to the start of the next recession. You will see the dates and my comments below:. Many times, the Congressmen do not ask the right questions in the public testimony.

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It sounds more like a speech rather than a question. So, this is very important they ask the right questions in the Robert Mueller public testimony, since the time is going to be very limited, just 5 minutes for each Congressmen. I will be interested in the following three questions:. Is the Barr four-page memo a true representation of the Mueller Report? Robert Mueller agrees to publicly testify before House committees on July 17th.

I think this will be a turning point in the Trump impeachment process. Mueller public testimony will take place just after the Lunar Eclipse on July 16th. I had predicted in number of Trump Astrology updates during past few months, that House Democrats will open Impeachment Inquiry by July 31st. More than 2 years ago in my Donald Trump astrology predictions, I had predicted the possibility of war after June It is happening now. Throughout his decades of public service, former Vice President Joe Biden has earned a reputation for often saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.

My astrological advice to former Vice President Joe Biden is that he should be cautious about his public comments between now and end of July and then the period between December 1, and April 1, , because any gaffes during these periods could derail his Presidential Campaign. I will be posting a major astrology update on Presidential Election on April 1, , stay tuned.

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Earlier today, the House Judiciary Committee announced that it had finally gotten what it was demanding from Attorney General William Barr: the underlying and previously redacted materials from the Mueller report. Barr promised to begin turning over these documents by the end of the day.

In my March 26, update, I had clearly mentioned that unredacted Mueller Report will be released between April 29 and June 22, , it is happening now.

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House Democrats have not yet formally opened Impeachment Inquiry. But it is going to happen very soon in July during eclipses.

I had predicted more than 2 years ago that Trump Impeachment will finally be proposed after June In my Trump astrology predictions, more than 2 years ago I had predicted that Donald Trump and the GOP party will be at loggerheads after June over some policy issues. Well, it seems like the astrology prediction is coming correct. Republicans are warning that Donald Trump could face a shocking rebellion against him on the Senate floor if the president slaps Mexico with wide-ranging tariffs.

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  • But you will see many GOP Senators will finally put the country above their party and break with Trump in the coming months. More than 2 years ago, I had also predicted some health problems for Donald Trump between June and April We will see how this astrology prediction will play out for Donald Trump. So far, Donald Trump had claimed to be a young vibrant man with good health. But I will talk about Presidential Election on April 1, Donald Trump is about to enter the most difficult and challenging phase of his life between June and April , as predicted by me more than two years ago.

    Some astrologers and political pundits have already declared a landslide victory for Donald Trump in Presidential Election. I will make prediction about Presidential Election on April 1, I want to see how this challenging time from now until April 1, , will play out for Donald Trump. Many of my astrology predictions given more than 2 years are coming correct in the coming months. In my Donald Trump Astrology predictions, more than 2 years ago I had mentioned that Donald Trump will face impeachment or resign between June and April As far as Trump impeachment is concerned, people want to know what Donald Trump wants, as Trump Impeachment is a very hot topic on social media these days.

    I came up with the following three scenarios:.

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    Scenario 1: Donald Trump wants that House Democrats should shut down all investigations, and we should all move on. This is the best-case scenario for Donald Trump. Scenario 2: House Democrats impeach Donald Trump immediately. Donald Trump likes this scenario also, because Trump will be impeached in the House and the removal from office will fail in the Republican controlled Senate.

    In this case Trump will survive the Impeachment, and his position will become much stronger. This is the reason why Donald Trump is stonewalling all information that House Democrats need to do its oversight.

    http://free-magazines.kovalev.com.ua/assets/22.php The goal is to frustrate House Democrats, to push them towards Trump impeachment immediately. This will be House Democrats biggest mistake.