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September 12222 Love Compatibility Horoscope for Virgo

That said, people could be way too full of themselves and bloviating. There could also be pressure from others to make some kind of bold move—becoming an entrepreneur, say, or getting married quickly, or picking up your roots and moving to Timbuktu.

Therefore you could end up feeling unsettled and ornery. The full moon on the 13th occurs in one of the most emotional parts of your chart, and the good thing is that it will start to calm you down. This is especially true of loud-mouthed people who are sticking their nose in your business. Romance heats up nicely this month, especially on the 3rd when subterranean Pluto goes direct in your house of love. The past few months could have been thoughtful as you pondered which way to go in matters of the heart.

Another beneficial planetary move is that of Mars rolling into Libra on the 4th, which is your second house of stability.

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If you opt to play it safe, you might miss an important opportunity. If you put it all on the line, there will be inevitable power struggles as you go up against your competitors. Take whichever path lets you sleep better at night. The Bull is a fellow earth sign, so getting things done efficiently and effectively will be the main objective during this lunation.

Virgo Monthly Horoscope

Mercury, your home planet, goes direct in your own logical sign on November 20, which is like music to your ears. You can finally rest assured that all the technological glitches, travel hiccups, and communication snafus you experienced during the retrograde will start to turn around for the better. The Sagittarius new moon on the twenty-sixth gives you hope for the future and encourages you to learn new things. Love and Marriage: If single, a colleague might turn into love partner.

There are chances of you developing emotions and feelings for someone from professional background. There will be no open passages for any sort of perplexity or misunderstanding. Your marital life will continue ruining on a smooth track during this course of time.

Monthly Horoscope: Virgo, September 12222

Your love life will be somewhat off track as October does not support love relations. The partners will be engaged in heated discussions and arguments, therefore it is better to give personal space to each other in this initial phase of this month. Astro advice is to be patient and work towards betterment of your relationship.

Money and Finance: October will grant you multiple income opportunities which subsequently will pave a path for excellent monetary gains. This is an ideal period to take investment decisions. It is reasonable to put a control on your trivial costs if you would prefer not to create a situation where you might have to take financial assistance from someone.

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But over stress might bring in certain troublesome circumstances where you would not be able to bear the burden of extensive syllabus. In order to avoid any such painful situation, make an effort to complete your syllabus much in advance so that you do have to lament later on. In case you were meaning for a study loan, your bank will turn its lights GREEN and will give you an advance of your desired worth. Family and Health: This month will bring about harmonious relations at home front.

Virgo Monthly Horoscope: October |

You will take an active interest in organizing get together and parties at your place. Your parents will be your pillar of strength, supporting you at every required step.

here It is your responsibility to take care of their health and emotions. Be extra cautious of your actions and language ensuring that you do not take any such step which can hurt their sentiments. Say a Big No to junk and unhealthy food otherwise you might have to suffer from stomach infection. Make a point to evade stress at each conceivable point in the light of the fact that this can have an adverse affect on your health and there are odds of Chest or Lung disorder hence quit smoking if you would prefer to live a healthy and long life.