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Names For Leo Boys

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Astrology For Babies

People often mistake their reserved personalities for shyness but once comfortable their more extroverted side comes out to play. They are the most cuddly … and stubborn!

Resourceful and self-reliant they are the most independent of the earth signs. Sprightly, spontaneous and friendly, air sign babies have cheerful, sociable dispositions. They are the sort of tot you can take anywhere, and while they need structure air signs bore easily so working a steady flow of variety into their routine keeps them happy.


The element associated with logic and intellect, air signs are inquisitive, intelligent little creatures that thrive on mental stimulation. They love surprises and easily adapt to new circumstances. Highly independent they are the least likely to need coddling and crave space to develop their individuality and conclusions. They are also the most jovial and accommodating. Deep pools, tempestuous seas and calm rivers — water sign babies reflect all three. As the most emotive element these bubs are highly perceptive and easily pick up on the moods and feelings of others.

Far Out Astrology-Inspired Baby Names For Zodiac Lovers

Sensitive and profound, they have the ability to move, delight and astound with their observations, actions and reactions. They tend to wear their hearts on their sleeve but uncovering the source of their discontent can be quite a challenge. Intelligence, ambition, and sharp wit are associated with this sun sign. Geminis are often charming, articulate, and charismatic individuals.

The Best Baby Names for Every Zodiac Sign – SheKnows

Our picks: Dexter, which means "skillful" in Latin, or Clark, French for "priest or scholar. Gemini children love to read and write. Emotional, protective, sensitive, sympathetic — these are some of the qualities associated with Cancer. She suggests Anna "grace" and Henry "home ruler". We like Alistair , a British boy's name for "defender of men. Halle is another gentle pick — it works if you want a daughter who's compassionate, nurturing, and sensitive. They are also believed to possess a strong streak of creativity and can be highly temperamental because of their energetic and enthusiastic nature. There are plenty of common names that directly translate to "lion," such as Ari and Aria , Leya , Zara , and of course, Lionel. Her favorite? Emery, or "industrious leader. Girls' names like Clara, meaning "bright," and Serena, meaning "tranquil and serene," are also excellent picks for babies born in Virgo territory.

Those born under the sign of Libra are diplomatic and sophisticated.

Scorpios are powerful, passionate, and charismatic. Tower says the passion and persistence of Scorpio reflects everything they do: "They are motivated by their own sense of purpose and not by others. Another interesting pick is Fergus — the name given to Scottish boys aiming to be a "strong man of vigor. Those born under Sagittarius love their freedom.